The classic Minecraft experience

Without fear of stealing or griefing

We only have 3 rules:
1. No Griefing or Stealing
2. No Hacking or X-Ray
3. Don't be toxic


Join our growing community

Updates and announcements on our official discord server. Drop by for a chat!


Join on Bedrock or Java!

You can play on your PC or on your phone!

Using fancy software magic, our server allows you to join with just about any Minecraft version and enables crossplay between java and bedrock players. We even have ViveCraft support if you want to play in VR!


Plugins and Features has tons of added content and features, check out our wiki Here for more information on how to take advantage of all the cool things!

In-game Economy

Buy and sell items for money, build your own shop and get rich!


Gain skills and levels by mining, crafting, and fighting!

Custom Enchantments

Add powerful effects to your weapons, armor and tools

Set Homes and Warps

Set teleport locations for yourself and let other people visit your base

Automated Machines

Build elevators and powered doors.

Land Claims

Protect your land from griefing and stealing.

~Start playing~

Click to copy the IP address and join the fun!